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Alessandro Luigi Negro’s oil olive press since 1972, is engaged in production of extra virgin olive oil.


The extra vergin olive oil production occurs in southern Puglia in particular in the area of southern Salento (Presicce), thus obtaining an Italian olive oil of origin guaranteed 100% Made in Italy.


The experience in the operations of the olive harvest and pressing in the oil mill business, passed down for generations, allow Alessandro to obtain an excellent extra virgin olive oil with a unique sensation, unaltered and absolutely unmistakable.


The Olive Oil Company of Alessandro has its origins in the 70s the mill’s traditional father (Antonio Negro), located in the Agro of Santo Eligio, in Salento, town particularly suited to agriculture and the production of olive oil.


Since 2008, with the advent of new generations, the oil company starts its activities with a significant oil production and modernization of the plant.

In Salento be harvested olives at the beginning of the ripening of the fruit, that is when the skin has taken on a wine-red or almost black color, that is, the phase of the so-called ripening of the fruit. The period and the manner in which it is carried out the operation of collecting olives is of fundamental importance because they depend on the quality of the finished product.

The system for collecting olives begins with the placement of tarps or fiber networks under the plant, after which you are managing the detachment of the fruit from the tree channeling all the product on the canvas avoiding contact of the fruit with the earth and the moisture that trigger, already in the field, a process of souring. All this to guarantee the quality of the oil you will get.


After the olive harvesting the fruit is transported for processing in its own oil mill that, from November to January is in full swing. Alessandro Luigi Negro’s mill is located about 15 km from the countryside olivetate once procured and olives are pressed in the same day by continuous cycle systems of the latest generation (Amenduni and Pieralisi) at a controlled temperature, thus obtaining an extra virgin olive oil “cold extraction” from the sensory characteristics of authentic and unaltered.


We are all really proud that the bottle Dedica designed by Matteo Cibic contains the precious and certified extra virgin olive oil coming from the renowned Olive Oil Company of Alesssandro Luigi Negro.


Puglia's Salento region